Leading fish farming in Finland since 1967


Savon Taimen Oy, Hanka-Taimen Oy and their subsidiaries form a group of fish farming companies producing salmonid fingerlings for further cultivating and fish water maintenance purposes, as well as fish for the food product market.


The group of companies has thirteen production units across Finland and the administrative office in Rautalampi (near Kuopio in Eastern Finland). The group’s turnover is approximately EUR 8 million.


Our operations are based on long-term customer relations built on trust, and comprehensive deliveries to targeted markets. Our numerous production plants provide us with sufficient capacity and enable production featuring local conditions, as well as flexible deliveries based on operating close to the customer.


Established in 1967, the group of companies consists of two parent companies. Hanka Taimen Oy and its subsidiaries are specialised in hatchery operations and fingeling and smolt production. Savon Taimen Oy and its subsidiaries focus on fry production and ongrowing of rainbow trout and whitefish, as well as the production of fully grown fish for the food product industry.


Savo Lax Oy started operating a new fish farm deploying the recirculating techniquesin late 2009. It produces whitefish and later also pike-perch for the food product market.


Salmonids of different sizes for fish water maintenance and further cultivation purposes, as well as for the food product industry


Our business relies on the continuous development of quality and farming methods, as well as on long-term partnership and co-operation with the leading fish farmers, fish processing companies, wholesalers and other operators.


Our 13 fish farms on clean, flowing waters ensures reliable comprehensive deliveries.


Solid expertise throughout the production chain, from spawn to fingerling


Our solid expertise and use of modern fish farming techniques ensures the control of production from spawn to fingerling, smolt or larger fish.


We produce several millions of rainbow trout and whitefish fingerlings for further cultivation in food-industry fish production plants across Finland, in Russia and the Baltic countries.

Most of the ova used in our production comes from our own healthy and vibrant brood stock.


Vibrant fingerlings for fish population maintenance


The harnessing of spawning rivers, environmental effects and increasing fishing pressure have narrowed the natural reproduction possibilities of salmonids in Finland.


A significant proportion of our brown trout and salmon fingerling or smolt production is used in the maintenance of valuable fish populations in both freshwater and sea areas.


Our healthy fish populations, production distributed across several farms and own transportation equipment guarantee reliable deliveries and uniform fingerling quality.


High-quality fish from clean, flowing waters


In the nature, salmonids are among the most desired fish to catch and, similarly, cultivated rainbow trout is one of the most popular types of fish used in cooking. Farmed Finnish whitefish is also rapidly increasing its share in grocery stores’ selections and, consequently, also in the consumers’ choices.

The fish hatch and grow in clean, waters utilising carefully selected nutrition. Then they are delivered further to wholesalers and fish processing plants across Finland.

We produce rainbow trout, whitefish and red caviar for food-product use.


From fry and fingerling to fully grown fish


For fish water maintenance


• Lake trout

• Sea trout

• Atlantic salmon

• Landlocked salmon


For sports fishing purposes


• Lake trout of fishing size

• Rainbow trout of fishing size




For further cultivation


• Rainbow trout fry
• Whitefish fry




For the food product industry


• Rainbow trout

• Whitefish

• Rainbow trout and whitefish roe

From research to practical innovation


The continuous development of our competencies, quality and cultivation methods are the cornerstones of our business. We work in close co-operation with various equipment manufacturers, feed industry representatives, as well as with universities and research institutions, both in Finland and abroad.


The co-operation in the field of fishery has resulted in several doctoral dissertations and scientific articles, as well as practical applications related to such matters as improving the nutrition, physiological quality and health of fish.


Our long-term development efforts have led to our own populations of rainbow trout and whitefish tailored to our customers’ needs in terms of production qualities. Our latest development line involves enhanced cultivation methods of pike-perch and whitefish for food-product use featuring re-circulating water systems.


Re-circulating water systems enable fish growth around the year


The re-circulating water method can as much as triple the growth rate of fish in comparison with traditional cultivation methods. The faster production cycle also provides great opportunities for broodstock development.


In fish farms utilising the re-circulating water method, fish are cultivated indoors in homogenous conditions. The circulating water enables maintaining a steady water temperature in the rearing tanks, which guarantees optimal circumstances for fish growth all year round.


In this method, water from the rearing tanks is pumped to a water treatment unit, where nutrients and carbon dioxide are mechanically and biologically removed from the water. After this cleaning process, oxygen is added to the water and it can be introduced to the circulation again.


At first, the plant will cultivate whitefish, and later also pike-perch. We are planning to expand the method to the cultivation other species in the future.

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